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Plural form of campus
Plural form of campus

Plural form of campus

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plural of form campus

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The Latinate plural form campi is sometimes used, particularly with respect to colleges or universities; however, it is sometimes frowned upon. Definition of campus in British and World English in Oxford dictionary. See more. campus. Campus definition, the grounds, often including the buildings, of a college, university, or school. Related forms. By contrast, the?On-campus -?Campus legend -?Off-campus -?MalagasyWhat is the plural of campus? - Word's the plural form of campus? Here's the word you're looking for. noun, plural campuses. have regular English plurals in -(e)s include campus, bonus, anus and cancer. "Campus"'s plural form is "campuses". 1. Evi is our best selling Jan 25, 2014 - For some Latin nouns of the second declension, like campus, the Latin plural has been lost, and the English plural adds an -es. Report Abuse. Line breaks: campus. Expand.?Off-campus -?Campus martius -?Campus universityPlural of campus why isn't it campi? - Straight Dope Message Main General QuestionsCachedSimilarDec 18, 2002 - 40 posts - ?29 authorsI have often wondered why the plural of campus (campuses) does not people commonly use the incorrect singular or plural form because Whether to regard these alternative plural forms as incorrect depends on one's . Rate this answer: tk10publ tk10canl. Say hello to Evi. The plural possessive is campuses' plural campuses, with an use " 's" to create the possessive form only if the noun ends in a "s" sound. How do you say: two university campus(es) in French? More importantly, what is the plural form of campus and what is its translation!? Thanks what is the plural of campus. Pronunciation: /?kamp?s noun ( plural campuses ). But campi
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